Sunset stalking, 1 Life Laughing

Sunset Voyeurism

There’s something right about a sunset. The image of a sun descending behind a horizon immediately conjures romantic associations of exotic holidays, coconut cocktails and balmy evenings. A sunset reverberates with the possibilities of a life less ignored, a life lived. ‘In a minute there is time For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.’ A sun, sinking, accepts this. The sun admits that we can plan all we like, but life will happen anyway.

So why am I writing this aggravating, conceptual, poetry-quoting bullshit at you? Because I got a waft of lemon recently on a Saturday afternoon and I was immediately back in Vietnam, drinking lemon juice on the beach. (I know, another SE Asia name drop, what a surprise). But the memory was so vivid that my whole mood changed – old hormones washed back to shore and I was suddenly excited, relaxed, content. And I realised how physically different I am at home, where I’m constantly worried about the future, busy with (well, nothing, really…) and always rushing, constantly rushing, with very little justification. It’s like my life runs to a different, perhaps more dubstep-based theme tune than the reggae-founded sun-induced beat of backpackerism.

My friends say to me that my travels were ‘like a dream’, that they were just a temporary escape. I know. I’m not about to up-tail and run back out of the country. But I think there’s something vital to be captured from the whole spirit of the nomadic that I let go of far too easily. I think it comes down to acceptance. That time will keep on moving, that it should be treasured, not measured.

So today, I am sitting on the beach, and I am watching that goddamn sun go down. Because laundry can wait. Monday is still far away. And life is short and sweet.


Vote smart on the EU

So usually I do my research, I vote and then I moan about everyone who didn’t vote or who voted opposite to myself once the votes have been counted. Now as much as I love a good rant, even I can see that this is a pointless and inefficient cycle.

So, this time, I’m gonna simplify things for y’all as I try and understand the mess myself. IE I’m gonna make a pretty infographic to help you decide (yay pictures!).

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Egg coffee, 1 Life Laughing

Eggstremely good coffee

This is an experiment I carried out a while ago, borrowed from the far distant lands of Vietnam. I’m writing about it now because, no matter how many times I tell my friends it’s the best drink I’ve ever tasted, they still tell me that ‘egg coffee’ is an unnatural freak of the hot beverage world that they are not willing to try.

So bear with me folks, hold back the instictive response of ‘eugh, gross’. Because egg coffee is the finest invention the Vietnamese have come up with (shortly followed by Bahn Mis and conical hats).

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And the Liebster Award Goes To…

Everyone! This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the nomination, or that I don’t rate the award. It’s based on a lovely premise – that new bloggers are welcomed to the internet with an award that encourages them to keep blogging and that works like chain mail, spreading through the blogging community like Spring flu, or like something nicer – like melted mozzarella across a tomatoed pizza base (mm I’m hungry…so hungry).

So thank you, Vivienne Frist, so much for your nomination! If you haven’t already found ‘Life Vivified’, you should definitely check it out. Vivienne is an inspirational lady with a lot to say (meaning a lot to rant about) and she’s a model of strong independent womanhood (leading the way in standing up to HR and flying in the face of office politics). She won’t tell us her official job (ooh how mysterious) so I’m going to describe her as a spy who covers up her exciting life of car chases and raunchy encounters with a slightly less exciting office job. Continue reading