2016 is a good year to be alive, 1 Life Laughing

2016: a good time to be alive

You, my friend, live in 2016. Which means you are really f**king lucky.

We are living longer than ever before.
Gay marriage is legal in an unprecedented number of areas.
Never before have so many had so much access to information.
Never before have so many had so much freedom to speak, to Tweet, in public.

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Vote smart on the EU

So usually I do my research, I vote and then I moan about everyone who didn’t vote or who voted opposite to myself once the votes have been counted. Now as much as I love a good rant, even I can see that this is a pointless and inefficient cycle.

So, this time, I’m gonna simplify things for y’all as I try and understand the mess myself. IE I’m gonna make a pretty infographic to help you decide (yay pictures!).

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And the Liebster Award Goes To…

Everyone! This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the nomination, or that I don’t rate the award. It’s based on a lovely premise – that new bloggers are welcomed to the internet with an award that encourages them to keep blogging and that works like chain mail, spreading through the blogging community like Spring flu, or like something nicer – like melted mozzarella across a tomatoed pizza base (mm I’m hungry…so hungry).

So thank you, Vivienne Frist, so much for your nomination! If you haven’t already found ‘Life Vivified’, you should definitely check it out. Vivienne is an inspirational lady with a lot to say (meaning a lot to rant about) and she’s a model of strong independent womanhood (leading the way in standing up to HR and flying in the face of office politics). She won’t tell us her official job (ooh how mysterious) so I’m going to describe her as a spy who covers up her exciting life of car chases and raunchy encounters with a slightly less exciting office job. Continue reading

Brush It Off

Who says fashion has to be hard work? Here’s a simple, effective way to catch attention, to accentuate your assets and the best part – it’s cheap as chips (probably cheaper) and takes about five seconds.

It’s Spring, so here’s the chance to try something slimming, to be adventurous and to change your look. This could be your hair, with a brush stuck in it.

Brush it off, 1 Life Laughing


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