Running isn't always good for you, 1 Life Laughing

Running isn’t always good for you…

So this is one of those weird moments you will have strange nightmares about afterwards. It’s probably never happened to you. It’s just not a normal thing to happen.

It started with some very well-meant exercise. Trainers – on, laces – tied, iPod – on shuffle, Rod Stewart – deleted from iTunes. I was ready for a productive fitness session, I did my stretches (ten seconds for each lunge, five seconds on the hams – it’s a question of balance…) And then I was running, a light, steady jog down the street to the local park. All is well so far, yes? Continue reading

Red in the face, 1 Life Laughing

Red in the Face

Most likely, I am mainly talking to Britons and 40 year old angry men here, but one of the things I really can not stand about myself? (And there are few things in the world I cannot stand). It’s my red face.

I know what you’re thinking.

      But it’s endearing, no one really notices, aw you’re so cute when you get embarrassed…

Clearly, none of these thoughts are owned by people who suffer from the red tide of self consciousness. It’s ridiculous. I’m a confident woman, I consider myself attractive, smart (at least witty) and socially adept. And yet, give me a height of emotion (and this can be positive as well as negative) and trust me – you can harvest me and make pasta sauce for the winter.

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Unlawful exposure, 1 Life Laughing

An Unlawful Exposure

It was a normal run, just like any other evening, I thought. The sun was setting after a nice sunny day, bleeding pink into a few fluffed up clouds. And yet my ass did not want to stay in my leggings.

It’s a weird story to tell, I know. Trouser problems. Keep it to yourself, you’re thinking. But ladies and gents (this probably applies less to gents, to be fair… I’ll explain later), I must tell this story so that no one has to suffer an unsightly, cold, undignified exposure whilst running ever again. So no one has to bear witness, either. They can take away our dignity but they will never silence us…

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Anxiety is nothing to worry about, The Laughing Life

Anxiety is nothing to worry about… Oh wait…

A blog post inspired by: The Belle Jar on Anxiety and Never-Not

It’s a very annoying oxymoron to start with, I know. But it could be your truth – anxiety could be nothing to worry about. And if it was possible to believe such a thing, we could just shake it off (Taylor Swift style). And that’s what’s so annoying – because anxiety is a self-sustaining loop of stress, of worry about worrying. It’s a damn difficult circle to escape. Continue reading