Vote smart on the EU

So usually I do my research, I vote and then I moan about everyone who didn’t vote or who voted opposite to myself once the votes have been counted. Now as much as I love a good rant, even I can see that this is a pointless and inefficient cycle.

So, this time, I’m gonna simplify things forĀ y’all as I try and understand the mess myself. IE I’m gonna make a pretty infographic to help you decide (yay pictures!).

It’s way complicated, by the way. And a lot of it is very unclear because it depends on what rules the government would put in place after leaving. Some say if it ain’t broke, don’t Brexit. Some say we could fall back into a recession, lose our trade, our footballers, our Mighty Pound could plummet. But the truth is, it’s pretty damn impossible to work out what exactly will happen. And if I’m honest, my main concern is: what if i can’t pop over to France anymore for a quick holiday? The horror…

So here’s an attempt at summarising, in the plainest of speak, the pros and cons Brexit could have on UK economy… (I know, snooze… But vote kids, and vote smart) (and by kids I mean over 18s…)

Vote smart on the EU, 1 Life Laughing


It’s a tricky balance. I won’t tell you what to vote (because I just don’t know) but I will tell you: DON’T VOTE BLINDLY. THINK ABOUT IT.

Here’s a really good link to check out if you still don’t have a clue what to do.

Good luck fellow Europeans.


One thought on “Vote smart on the EU

  1. Nick Johnson says:

    Thanks for this post: a nice brief summary of what is a complex issue, one which is as you say, impossible to be sure about. Will people vote with their hearts or with their heads? Both sides of the campaign are surely going for the hearts, propagating fear and occasional visions of utopia. I think hearts tend to rule heads in politics, but if they could find some way of appealing to both in a positive appeal, it would be a winner and I would respect it. But if the outcome is complex and uncertain, who knows what might happen.

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