Egg coffee, 1 Life Laughing

Eggstremely good coffee

This is an experiment I carried out a while ago, borrowed from the far distant lands of Vietnam. I’m writing about it now because, no matter how many times I tell my friends it’s the best drink I’ve ever tasted, they still tell me that ‘egg coffee’ is an unnatural freak of the hot beverage world that they are not willing to try.

So bear with me folks, hold back the instictive response of ‘eugh, gross’. Because egg coffee is the finest invention the Vietnamese have come up with (shortly followed by Bahn Mis and conical hats).

I can ease your discomfort with one clarification. You will all strongly believe that egg in your liquids is an unnatural and terrible thing. You will protest against the very idea and declare that you have never heard of such a thing. Which is entirely wrong. When I mention the word ‘eggnog’, most of you will suddenly understand. Oh yeah, we do drink egg on a regular basis… When I mention that most cocktails containing the word ‘sour’ have raw egg stirred in, you will start to understand where I’m going with this. Egg in your drinks? It’s a cracking combo.

But, FYI – it is not that easy to make.

What’s in the mix here?

1 egg

1 tbsp ground Vietnamese coffee

2 tsp condensed milk

Easy, no?

The instructions:

Brew the coffee in a traditional Vietnamese coffee strainer (provided by my excellent Vietnamese friend, who I keep in my foodie experiments for this reason). Done.

Separate the egg yolk from the whites and whisk with the condensed milk until light and frothy. Add a tbsp of the brewed coffee. Whisk until mixed.

Pour coffee into a clear glass (for aesthetic purposes) and plop the eggy frothy goodness on top. Et voila.

That’s the theory, apparently. And it kinda worked. Kinda…

We followed the instructions to a T (with a few minor distractions, including a waltz with a puppy – hands were washed afterwards, hygiene first, kids). But the froth didn’t quite cut it. The result was an Americano with some strange lump of cappuccino froth awkwardly placed on top. Hmmmm.

So next time, methinks more milk is necessary. Perhaps more egg too. Perhaps more stirring. My whisk arm is a little on the limp side…

Watch this space. This girl is more determined than a motorbike at a red light in Hanoi. I will not stop. Egg coffee will succeed (and lucky you, you will hear all about it).


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