Excuses, 1 Life Laughing

She’s back… and now she’s by the sea

Sorry for the neglect last Sunday folks, I was moving to Brighton! 1 broken down car and 2 cars worth of crap to unpack later and I had no energy to blog I’m afraid. Rest assured I am alive and blogging once again (or un-assured, it could really swing either way…). Wear a tiny t-shirt and imagine I am giving you an apologetic hug.

So what’s happened since?

        1. I threw up uncontrollably for a whole day in my new bathroom with the worst food poisoning I’ve ever suffered. And missed my first day at work. Not ideal.
        2. I met a lovely man called Isaac on the prom who roped me in with ye olde ‘can you take a photo for me’ routine and then told me his life story. He’s from Arabia, but he lives in Frankfurt. He doesn’t speak German and hates living there. He also thinks I ‘seem like nice girl’. Yeah things got a little weird…
        3. I’m booked on a yacht, overnight, with my new managers. We’re going to drink and learn to sail. I have multiple reasons to be a little concerned. But obviously this just makes the whole thing more exciting.
        4. I have already managed a mild Friday hangover after 2 for 1 drinks with a lovely bunch of workees. Work outing number 1. You’ll be pleased to here that I didn’t shame myself as might be expected. No unsavoury scenes, no outrageous reveals, no indecent exposure.
        5. I’m preparing to accept a puppy into my life and I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about anything in my life. WE’RE GETTING A PUPPY!
        6. I beat up a couple of middle aged hulks in Hove. The usual Wednesday night. Don’t mess with me, I’m learning Krav Maga now. I can kill you with my thumb, but I won’t, because with great martial artistry, comes great responsibility…

So as you can see, my life has quickly become insane. Even more so than usual. Hence a decided lack of blogging.

Long story short – I AM SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I’m back to blogging every Sunday folks (and I mean every Sunday, no more excuses). I’m sure you were all holding your breath, so please relax and inhale. We can all carry on with our lives again.


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