Brush It Off

Who says fashion has to be hard work? Here’s a simple, effective way to catch attention, to accentuate your assets and the best part – it’s cheap as chips (probably cheaper) and takes about five seconds.

It’s Spring, so here’s the chance to try something slimming, to be adventurous and to change your look. This could be your hair, with a brush stuck in it.

Brush it off, 1 Life Laughing


I know, daring, sexy, eye-catching. This is the freshest look since Lady Gaga wore her meat dress. It’s just in, très chic, and effortless. And it’s totally affordable.

Brush: £1.50, Wilkinsons own brand.

The key is having curly, unmanageable hair and trying to brush it. But if you don’t have the knotted hair of a frizz-head, here are some top tips:

  • Don’t wash your hair for a while
  • Backcomb backcomb and backcomb
  • Ask a close friend to drag you through a bush backwards
  • Play some Queen and execute the head-bang

Once you have achieved appropriate volume and ends as split as One Direction, you are ready to get stuck in. It should only take one stroke but if necessary, keep brushing until your hair has suitably trapped the teeth of your comb or brush.

If desired, accessorise with some biscuit crumbs scattered randomly in your curls. Works well with trackies, onesies and/or makeup left on overnight.

Welcome a better prettier thinner more successful you*, with one simple beauty trick.

Brush it off, 1 Life Laughing

Don’t forget to purse your lips and narrow your eyes for ultimate effect. I call this one Magnum.**

*You will not be better prettier thinner or more successful, always read the small print.
**This is a Zoolander reference. If you didn’t get it, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

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