A little bit of a makeover, 1 Life Laughing

A Little Bit of a Makeover

You may not have noticed but… the blog is looking particularly fine today. A few slices of toast, many many cups of tea, a Twix bar and a strange stumpy carrot later and I managed to re-haul ye olde website for this new one (you’d be surprised, it’s actually easier to start a website from scratch than to convert an old one, yeesh). There are not necessarily many options for us impoverished users of WordPress (especially those of us who don’t speak much HTML), but this blog theme will have to do for now, until I marry rich, win the lottery or, hell, maybe even earn riches all by myself.

It’s got a long way to go but I’ve put some primer on the skin and I’m getting ready with the foundation and the blusher next (ha, don’t be silly, I don’t wear make up…)

Hope you like it and thanks for visiting!$%^^



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