Say Yes

It’s amazing how many geniuses can slip through the eye of a needle. Have faith, your worth is not calculated from the number of rejections in your inbox. Maybe you’re the next MJ. Maybe you’re about to catch your Big Break. Or maybe you’re the one who’s about to reject someone who will later change the world.

Last week, I celebrated oddness, the fabulous weirdos of the world who drive society forward. This week, it’s all about the people who allow those weirdos through the net.

JK Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers.

Decca rejected The Beatles (and spent the rest of their lives kicking themselves).

Alan Rickman was unknown until his late 30’s.


It’s not just the geniuses, the world, society, that suffers. It’s you, the powerful, who decided to say one more ‘no’, instead of embracing the weird and wonderful.

So what is it you’re so afraid of? It’s true, your decisions reflect on you. We all have to be careful about who we put our faith in. And it’s true, in a world of cuts and squeezes in all areas, when you hire somebody or sign a record deal, you’ve got to be sure this person’s worth the money, right?

But think about it. Would you spend another £30 on a sweater that’s a slightly lighter tint of grey from the one you’ve already had for 20 years? I’m no good at maths but that seems the bigger waste of money to me. The world needs a new Elvis today, not another Justin Bieber. Buy something new. Invest in a future, not a past. Let your money contribute to something bigger.

You can change the world with a simple yes. So say yes.


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