We miss Sir Terry. And David Bowie. And Alan Rickman…

It’s been a depressing couple of weeks in the celebrity world. It’s easy to forget that decades of fame, wealth and an abundance of talent still don’t achieve immortality. I genuinely thought that Alan Rickman would live forever (maybe he has a horcrux somewhere…? We can dream…) It was all so sudden, and so many treasures lost, all at once. It’s an avalanche that is not welcome in the deep dark depths of early February, where life is tired enough as it is.

So where do we go from here? Harry Potter marathons with popcorn and tears, Radio 2 binges with coffee and tissues, a bit of Labyrinth with class A drugs (there’s no other way to watch it, although you’ll feel high as a kite even if you’re not). We mourn and we move on, as we always do. We remember, we keep the songs, the films, the jokes in our memories. With one notable exception, here. This one has shaken the middle aged all over the country. These men were not old. These men were not poor. They were unlucky. They faced a disease as yet incurable and they fought like troopers. So how do we learn from this?

Well let’s not panic. No arranging our wills now, folks. No need to feed that evil solicitor even more money or start telling your children how much you love them (anything but that). Don’t let it all bring you down. For all you know, you’ll make  it to the grand old 90s without so much as a replacement hip to slow you down. And even if that’s not the case, don’t spend your life worrying about the finishing line or  you may as well already be there.

As the great Sir Terry would tell us, there is nothing more valuable than a good laugh (he gave us plenty of those). You cannot watch life without laughing at the two idiots in the raincoats (so perhaps that quote works better in context…) Be more David, wear tight leather pants and bright make up, forget the haters. The way to get through this, in Alan’s own words, is ‘not to take yourself too seriously’.

So in the spirit of three legendary figures in British history, here is to making fools of ourselves, to laughing at life and to living it all up right to the very end (regardless of when that may be).


Here’s to the ridiculous, to the laughs, to the little things. To life, despite death.


Feature Photo credit: Ed Gregory


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