Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

As I write this, I’m speeding down a motorway towards Bangkok, leaving the border control at the Cambodian land crossing further and further behind me. I’m stuck at the back of a minivan and every bump in the road (to clarify, every five meters) sends me hurling into the poor German man beside me. He’s currently leaning forward over his own knees, I think because he just can’t take my full on body slams any longer. If you’re reading this, sorry, German blond. You chose the wrong seat this time.

But the ‘worst’ I am preparing for is not this long sweaty journey. It’s the one I’ll have to make tomorrow, on a 24 hour bus, because it appears I am more than likely going to miss my flight. When a Cambodian travel agency tell you that a journey will take 7 hours, don’t believe them. Especially when you have an expensive flight to a beach paradise hanging in the balance.

So now no panicking. No bitchy mood swings, no tantrums or anxiety is necessary. It won’t do any good and sometimes travelling is at it’s best when the unexpected happens.

My travel companion and I are being resourceful, instead. We’ll head straight to a travel agency and if flights are pricey, we’ll book straight onto the next bus. We’ll stay a night in Bangkok if we have to and that always promises to be a laugh…

Here’s hoping for the best: perhaps our flight will be delayed by a few hours (it wouldn’t be the first time) and we can still make check in. Or perhaps a night in Bangkok will introduce me to a dreamy Mexican who will take me to his country, build me a house on the beach and make me margaritas for the rest of my life. Or maybe I’ll spend the night getting cheap massages, drinking cocktails and spotting Lady Boys.

Either way, no matter what the result of this long day will be, I can promise you, my dear readers, that the best will be made out of a bad situation. The key to travelling in South East Asia, I think…

Feature photo credit: Ed Gregory


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