7 discoveries I made when planning my travels

It takes a lot of energy and planning to arrange 2 months worth of solo travelling. I made as many mistakes as I’m sure you’re about to make so here’s a few tips, so that you’re mistakes won’t be the same as mine…

1. Visit an STA store

Not to give them free advertising but these guys found me a bargain flight I never would have found on my own, held my hand when I was nervous about going alone and actively advised me to seek other options when their SIM cards were a little on the steep side. Free advice and friendly people – love these guys.

2. Print in advance

The last thing you need the day before you fly is a printer network error, a cartridge that needs replacing, a paper jam, and then a sprint around to your aunt’s house because her printer always works.

3. Pack early

You never know what you’ve forgotten, so pack before it’s too late to find out and the shops are closed and there’s no one to let you in, no matter how hard you knock or how loud you scream…

4. Gov.uk website is a lifesaver

If you need visa advice and safety tips, this site has it all in spades. Find out how to apply for visas and if you need to, find out if your country is a safe place to visit and find all the helpful websites you need. It’s great when someone else does all that work for you, right?

5. Visit your doctor before deciding on your budget…

I know what you’re thinking. I’m British, my injections are on the NHS. Wrong. I thought so too, until I realised that taxes shouldn’t really pay for me to stupidly decide to visit a country full of incurable tropical diseases. So that slashed an unexpected couple of hundred from my account… Ouch. And don’t even get me started on the antimalarials… Learn from my mistakes, please!

6. Read the small print

It’s boring and it’s much more interesting to look at glimmering photos of white sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets. But you’ll never get to that beach if you miss that all important clause about taping up your batteries, and it’s even less fun being escorted out of an airport kicking and screaming.

7. Get hyped

They say you need a holiday after all the stress of planning one and it can be a stressful process. So don’t forget that this is FOR FUN and that you’re EXCITED to go on an adventure. You deserve it 😉


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