Here you are, some motivational alpacas

It’s a difficult time, Sunday evening. We’ve got work the next morning, the weekend has been too short. We’ve  been drinking since 4 so we  know we’ll be  hung over too.

I don’t have  work tomorrow because I’ll be in a Jacuzzi in a log cabin… but for you sad sacks, I thought, if there was  anything in the world that could cheer you up and keep you going – it had  to be some fuzzy, long-necked sheep collected into one motivational post. Because life is worth living in a world with these furry friends:

Like this gurning alpaca. He’s just high on life. And possibly a bit special. Like us, on a Monday morning.

Or these two, who look like they could belong to the same body and who also look very guilty about something… I guess we’ll never know what’s happening below the lense.

At least this gang has your back… you hope… that one on the right ain’t messing, let’s face it. They be balling.

And it always feels better to find that alpaca that yawns with you because it understands how you feel on a Monday morning.

And this fuzzy little freak, grinning away. His face looks like a hug. How could anyone  have the Monday blues with this fella around?

You know that coat that’s keeping you so warm? Thank this poor naked little guy. He looks so stupid… and you look so good in that alpaca fluff, don’t ya. Things are looking up (for you,  not for this poor sucker…)

See now you’re smiling! Forget corporate suits and fake sales personalities. Be more alpaca tomorrow. Be smiley, be fluffy, be naked and most importantly, be incredibly weird and inappropriate.


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