When your phone battery dies at the worst possible moment, The Laughing Life

When your phone battery dies at the very worst possible moment…

iPhones are notorious for those untimely sudden deaths. You’ll be organising your night, 43% battery left, you’ve got allll the time in the world, when suddenly – black out. No amount of shaking swearing or desperate begging for a charger is going to save you now (because chargers are gold dust and no one hands those bad boys out). It’s happened to us all. And always at the worst possible moment…

‘I can’t see you outside the station, let’s meet’¬†andddd it all disappears before you can finish reading the text. Dammit the meeting place is up in the air and you have no way of finding out what exactly has been altered. And cue manically waving at the wrong person for five minutes.

‘Babe I love you, I think you’re great, but’ shit was he about to break up with me? BY TEXT?! Someone give me an iPhone 4 charger so I can dump his ass first.

Or that horrible moment when you think you’re safe – you set your alarm for 20 minutes time so you can snooze on the train but, ah crap, the battery died and you wake up in Sevenoaks. Again.

‘Hey baby, why don’t you come round and I’ll teach you some new tricks. My address is’ oh snap you’ll never know. Or at least not until you get home and charge your phone, by which point it will be farrrr too late. But a cold shower is just as good…

You’ve been on hold for 20 minutes of your lunch break desperate to talk to your bank about the alarmingly low (but let’s face it, probably accurate) balance of your account when finally, a human voice pipes up, there is life on Mars, and just as your train wreck of a panicked explanation passes along those invisible air waves to a magical dimension of money wizards, the phone cuts out. Dead.

You’re on Face Time with your little cousin in New Zealand and you’re halfway through singing Happy Birthday dear Co- and SHIT your screen blacks out, your little cousin is crying halfway across the world and you’re still holding the same high warbling note for no reason anymore, in front of all of your housemates. What a tragedy for all involved.

‘My phone’s such a piece of crap, it’s about to die, text Philly’s number instead’ and it all shuts down before you can send the text. So you’re stranded and nobody knows. There is no one to help and no one to hear you scream…


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