Love your Summer in London

So I know we were all looking out the window yesterday, wondering how this could possibly be June when it’s so cold and grimy and disgusting beyond the pane. But don’t let it put you off, the sun is out today (and okay it’s still damn chilly) BUT – Summer in London can be WONDERFUL. Par exemple:

It may not be as hot as Rome or the Caribbean cruise you’ve booked for later in the year, but at least this means we can still wear our boots. Which is always a good thing. I mean, check out these beauts.

Love summer in London, The Laughing Life

Spot the wildlife – even the Thames is full of life and surprises, and when the sun’s out, you should definitely choose a cute feathered little critter over an old man’s armpit on the tube. But your private time is completely up to you…

Reasons to love summer, The Laughing Life

Don’t ask me why, but the sun comes out, and suddenly there are pancakes everywhere, and lovely pancake smells on the streets and ooh pancakes and ice cream. Huge savoury pancakes just seem to find me. My Old Dutch, why don’t mind if I do. Mmmm pancake. (I’ll stop saying pancake now.)sumThere are beaches here in London too, you know. I mean I don’t know how clean they are… But taking photos of footprints in the sand is just as good as a paddle, right?

Reasons to love summer in London, The Laughing Life

That’s right, Smarties come in shot glasses at our bars. So why on earth would you summer anywhere else?

Ways to love summer in London, The Laughing Life

Not to mention, we have weird creepy art on the lovely Southbank no matter what the season. Get your dead crows speared against the wall here, folks, even when the sun is shining.

Ways to love summer in London, The Laughing Life

Check out those views though. Forget the Alps, just pop along to Primrose Hill and take that all important snap with that selfie stick you didn’t have to squeeze into your luggage at Gatwick. And they say London isn’t green…

Ways to enjoy summer in London, The Laughing Life

Even the locks are fun. This little fella will brighten up your day, even if the sun hasn’t already. Look at those eyes, it’s like he sees into my soul.

Ways to enjoy summer in London, The Laughing Life

And nothing quite beats an English sunset. Pink sky at night, shepherd’s delight. And ours too. Who needs the Northern Lights, we got hella colour of our own.

Ways to enjoy summer in London, The Laughing Life

And that wind? It ain’t always a bad thing when you can take photos like this of your siblings and post them online for the world to see. Jedward ain’t got nothing on my sis.

Love summer London, The Laughing Life

You can almost forget about the crane with a sunshot like that. Instagram your heart out – this number could star at the Tate Modern,¬†the artistic portrayal of nature’s conflict with the man-made. Otherwise known as #nofilter.

Love summer in London, The Laughing Life

And of course, drinking. Boozing under blossom should happen all the time. Londoners are all on that – summer couldn’t possibly¬†be better anywhere else, the holiday brochures are lying.

Love summer in London, The Laughing Life

It may just be a plastic bag in a tree, it may be a symbol of man’s destruction of his green lands, but there’s a kind of American Beauty in a bag floating through the air, caught by tree branches. No…? Just me and Kevin Spacey…?

Love summe in Lodon, The Laughing Life

Free bike hire? Oh Boris, you shouldn’t have! There’s nothing like a good summer cycle to get the wind in your hair and the adrenaline going (especially on these roads… maybe stick to Regents Park…)

Love summer in London, The Laughing Life

Oh hello, another beautiful view of the London skyline. And a pretty face. These photo opps get better and better.

Love summer in London, The Laughing Life

And one of my favourite things about summer? My cat lying in bat-sh*t weird positions, looking a bit like an alien slash demon slash human being in disguise. And you thought you’d escaped without a cat picture…

Love summer in London, the Laughing Life

My point is – DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. Summer may feel lacking on these cold blustery June afternoons but it is coming. And it will be great. Especially if you have a weird cat and a garden.


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