So in case you are all living under an (enormous) proverbial rock (probably not if you’re managing to read this…), I should tell you that January is here. It is a new year and everyone is writing new blogs, buying new running shoes, throwing CVs at the internet, giving away clothes and chocolates to homeless people and buying Lost Lake Dulux paint to redecorate the living room with. New Year ’s Day was filled with hung-over joggers looking pale and nauseous, and nevertheless determined.

So what is it about the start of a new year that does this to us all? We enjoy food solidly for two days over Christmas, struggle to fit into our jumpers for the next five, dread the return to studying or work and panic as soon as the alcohol has finally left our systems and taken its rosy spectacles with it. We see 2015 as the year after 2014 and we panic – only one digit has changed. What if we do exactly the same thing all over again? What if we don’t progress? What if we’re still single at the end of next year? What if we need bigger jumpers? What if we don’t get the promotion or still can’t move out of our parents’ house? And oh god, what if we still haven’t passed the Dreaded Driving Test?

Let’s all take a deep breath, ladies and gentleman. I’ll share with you my New Year’s resolution: not to make any New Year’s resolutions. Not to set any targets. A year has just gone by, and fair enough, feel free to launch into new things and achieve new heights. But for the worriers out there, for those who are rushing around the house fixing door handles or signing on to outrageously overpriced dating websites – check yourself.

Let’s not be hasty. Let’s look back for one moment and pat ourselves on the backs. We all did amazing things last year. Some of us graduated, some of us chased a man who left his wallet in a restaurant or at a self service check out, some of us got promoted or promoted someone else, and some of us even learned how to make origami turtles (yep, that one was me). All of us made someone smile. All of us will smile again, this year.

So let’s not panic and let’s not run ourselves into the ground. It is a new year, but it’s also the end of the last one. So instead of throwing the year over our shoulders and sprinting into 2015, let’s have a cheeky glance back, and for once, let’s wallow in our successes. Because didn’t we do well?

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