Funemployment is a lie.

For anyone struggling with unemployment, whether faced with that uncertain gap after studying or having recently lost a job, whatever the reason, here is a bright new blogger with some positive ways to deal with this painful limbo.

Navigating the Limbo.

Here I am – 22 years, three diplomas and two graduations (third one pending) later, and yet to take any legitimate steps to a stable and valid career path.

I’ve run out of things to graduate from, so now lie in that limbo of uncertainty between the comfort of the student years and the absolutely terrifying world of the grown-ups.

It’s here that I’ve stumbled upon an unsettling truth; finding the right job for you (let alone your first proper job) is hard, it’s competitive and it’s certainly going to take some trial and error… not to mention time.

So far, I can’t say I’ve really been experiencing this ‘funemployment’ that people speak of. There’s a lot of pressure to jump right from an academic life into a working one. Where this pressure is coming from I can’t really tell you – it’s certainly not coming from my family or…

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