Attention, Special Notice: 7 Reasons to Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes it’s not enough to watch Finding Nemo one more time, or to sing Dory’s famous words to yourself. Sometimes we all need a little motivation. So isn’t it nice when you stumble across lovely messages in the street, or on a breakfast menu, or stuck to the hand dryer in the public toilets? So nice that I just had to share these little gems. Consider this another stranger, telling you to enjoy your day.

1. For that sinking feeling when you wake up at noon, a whole morning wasted…Reasons to just keep swimming, The Laughing Life

Can’t fault that logic. Thanks breakfast menu, I WILL eat the muesli and Greek yoghurt at half past twelve in the afternoon.

2.When you failed your driving test for the third time and your attempt at a McFlurry bribe just didn’t get you anywhere…

Reasons to keep swimming, The Laughing Life

I found this on the pavement before a job interview and I thought, hell who cares about the job, I can always just buy some new trainers.

3. Have you just sat down on a tube while an old person sways to and fro, their frail, wrinkled fingers slipping on the sweat drenched, bacteria infested hand rail? Feeling a little guilty, are we? Questioning our true character? Well do not fear, someone out there still believes in you…

Reasons to just keep swimming, The Laughing Life

Someone who installs hand dryers in public toilets, no less. They’re keeping our hands dry AND boosting our confidence, who’d have thought it.

4. Okay I admit, I found this one when I was drunk, but I found it hilarious so humour me…

Reasons to keep swimming, The Laughing Life

Who’s heard of an undercover squirrel right?! And who thought, ‘hey, this cocktail reminds me of an undercover squirrel…’ ?!%^&. The world has gone insane and this makes me very happy.

5. Save this one for a real crisis, it’s that good. This made my day, for obvious reasons…

Displaying photo 1.JPG

I thank the Metro and my commute to work for this gem.

6. For those uncertain days: do I ask for the waiter’s number? How could I possibly give up accountancy and start up a petting zoo? Am I actually going to try sushi today?

Reasons to keep swimming, The Laughing Life

Oh go on then, the chalk has spoken.

7. And for those down days, perhaps a bit of perspective will jump out at you from the page of a magazine…

Reasons to keep swimming, The Laughing Life

Unemployed? Living with your mum? Single? Well don’t worry, the bridge ends somewhere, you’re just caught up in the mist. And at least your bridge isn’t swinging precariously hundreds of feet above the ground.

So there you have it, there’s no need to feel unmotivated, unloved or unsuccessful on the way to work, on the way home or in a public toilet. There are people everywhere, people you haven’t even met, who will help you be positive, awake, successful, brave and adventurous, and you will never even know who they are.


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