Getting Muddy for Money

What are you doing on October 5th? Nice meal with the family, you say, how lovely. Cinema? Ooh I’ve wanted to see that film. A date? Hot stuff. Me? Oh, I’m just running a muddy obstacle course. MUD MUD MUD. Yep, she’s finally lost it (you can tell because she’s referring to herself in the third person).

BUT I’m not doing it just for poops and giggles (although that is a major contributing factor…) I’m raising money for Cancer Research UK and this year, I didn’t want to do another run. So I’m doing a 5k long obstacle course. A natural progression, I think. So there might be a lot of this…


And maybe this…


But dear God hopefully not this…


I can’t do the splits I’m afraid, ladies and gentleman. I cannot rock climb, jump very high or run very quickly, either, so I’m very much hoping that Race For Life go easy on us.

But if they don’t, I’m doing it all anyway. Cancer has ended, ruined and destroyed the lives of so many of us. So I think it’s time for a bit of revenge. No clean tactics here.

When I see this…


Part of me is thinking…

blog4 blog5

And when I see this…


I can’t help but think of a shortcut…


Or maybe I could just hitch a lift?


Preferably with a fireman…?

Either way, somehow or another, I am completing a long, muddy obstacle course to raise money for Cancer Research UK and I would love it if you could support me by clicking the link below and donating to my Just Giving page. And don’t worry, photos of my poor exhausted self, face first in the mud, will of course be uploaded. I know what you all want to see really.


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